Tuesday, August 25, 2015



First of all, im writing this as a teacher. Yeah,i've been a teacher since 7 months ago. Oh how time flies ya. And ohh,im married too now. Alhamdulillah. It has been about 5 months since we are married. So many events that had happened in my life and i dont blog about them. I dont even feel rajin to write. Hahaha. Ok,im lame and lazyyy. Dulu boleh la nak blog hari2.

Ok, as for the title up there, im going to write about PJJ. What's that? It stands for 'perhubungan jarak jauh' or 'perkahwinan jarak jauh'. Yeah,im in a long distance marriage with my husband. And i dont like it. Who even like to live apart from their spouse? Can u imagine, i just got married. Still in the pengantin baru phase, and im force to live apart from my hubby, because of work of course.

Sometimes i feel that im not strong enough to face this. I felt so fragile at times. Im stressed and i dont even notice it. Sedar-sedar dah migrain. Sedar-sedar sakit itu sakit ini. All because of stress. How can i cope this? I pray to Allah everyday to keep me strong to face this challenge. Luckily i got my family here to look after me. But still,deep down inside i need my hubby. I need him by my side always.

Those who never experienced PJJ would never understand the feelings. They can simply say sabarlah,sabar,sabar. Yes,i can be patient but not all the time, most of the time i failed. Not that im not trying. I try so hard that it hurts me.

So yeah, till next time.