Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Ayah!

happy befday to u
happy befday to u
happy befday to ayahhhhhhh
happy befday to u~
.....happy befday to u.....
.....happy befday to u.....
.....happy befday to u.....

oke enough! -.-'

yeah, this is my dad. i know i know, too skinny. hoho :P

ala, aku pon skinny ape. so oke la tuh, like daughter like father. erkk? actually, ayah aku ni mase muda-muda hensem gila tu yang mak aku terpikat kann. badan tough oke dulu. but now, since ade diabetes dah makin kurus. thank god bukan jenis diabetes yang kene bedah-bedah kejadah tuh. diabetes dia x teruk & thanks to the supplement he took. makan la DXN! ergh, sempat lagi promote.

for ayah: happy 50th befday ayah. i love u soo much. i know im not a good daughter for u because i always ask for extra money. huahuahua! i promise that i'll buy the book u requested ok? u've been a very responsible dad. u had worked hard for our family. u involve in business just to see mom, my siblings & i cukup makan & pakai. & until u're afford to buy the toyota estima just to make sure that my siblings and i are not fighting for seats when we all balik kampung for raya. :P yeah, we are very naughty. eventho we have like the 'biggest' car, we're still fighting for seats & i dont know why -.- thanks to the youngest sister, u're so spoiled la, like seriously T__T

in fact, he's a very great teacher. can believe me? read this.

woi, apesal sume nk ngaku bapak kome ni. bapak aku la wei. pffttt T__T

how come students die sume nak mengaku yang ayah aku ni bapak dorang? ape hebat sangat ke influence ayah ni? heee, yup, he's hebattt! he's very good in teaching & he have so many teaching methods ok. & surprisingly, he never ever uses the laptop or the LCD to teach. nanti k.long nak sedut sume teaching methods tu ye ayah!

oh and i think im kinda resemble my dad a lot more than my mom. as u can see, im wearing specs, he also wears specs. im fair, he's dark (?) haha! we both have 'sepet' eyes. dont know what's the word in English, anyone? his ears are capang, mine are not! both of us are skinny. he loves to read, me too. and in fact, he was once involved in dancing! can u believe that? now i know where i got my dancing skills from :D & im proud to say that im going to be an English teacher just like him. he's my sifu, my mentor, my guru & most importantly, he's my awesome dad. 

i love u ayah~


fathin zulkifli said...

happy birthday uncle =)

Ainee Cumi said...

Suka sangat post ni ateyn.. Hepi bday sir.. Ceewah sis pun panggil ayah atyn sir ahh

shazzy :) said...

happy birthday uncle! may Allah bless you :)

Ateyn Bella said...

@fathin: thaxx:D

@sis ainee: hehe, thax sebab suke. mmg org pggil die sir pon, heh

@shazzy: thaxxx :)

Aweyn said...

happy birthdayyyyyyyyy untuk ayah ateynnn. Moga panjang umur,murah rezeki!^^