Tuesday, March 06, 2012



know what? this is the first time i experienced the longest English Campaign in my whole life. the english campaign in my campus is held for 3 weeks. tambah lagi seminggu dah masuk sebulan. but it was fun tho. knowing that the campaign will be over by tomorrow, makes me a bit sad la. why not? through english campaign, we can build unity among ourselves. fyi, tesl students are the majority here in IPSAH. all of us is like 200++ taw. da macam satu batch da. padahal sume sekali ade 5 batch. *proud to be a teslian. ok poyo gile statement --'

so ya, POL which stands for poetry-out-loud is one of the contest that i entered. actually, banyak contest yang aku masuk. yela, tamak katekan. asyik asyik muka ni je xda muka lain. eh best hape. boleh collect banyak experience. nanti kat sekolah lagi banyak yang kene handle. gituuu.

and yes, ni first time aku pegi on stage untuk recite poem. kalau x sebelum ni naik stage sebab menari je. so agak nervous di situ. bukan agak, memang extremely nervous! im not a stage fright, but when it comes to things like this, tiba-tiba stage fright tu datang. derr --'

me and dearest eva. recording ourselves before go on stage --'

3 of us. 

seriously, i felt embarrassed --'

everyone's favourite lecturer, madam shirley :D

at last, habis jugakkk. 

ohh and my class is the only group yang recite humorous poem. a cheesecake poem.  group lain sume poem sedih and ade background music. kami xda --' but oh well, tu namenye unik, lain dari yang lain. kirenya performance kami ni as penyeri lah untuk malam tu after so many sad poems. pon bolehhhh :P

so yeah, that's about it. luckily we didn't win yeayyyy T_T how la to win if we practice for only 1 hour? like seriously. 


p/s : pictures credit to my senior, bob. 


Teyn said...

takde video ke yang? i wanna see you recite that poem! =)

Ateyn Bella said...

@teyn : ade. ala malu la nak post, haha. nanti dah dpt i upload :)

Nor atau Nad said...

video!! videoo!!!
ckp lebih pon tak guna,, aku nak video!!! # masuk mode garang

hamzah ian said...

alololo.. tomeynyeeeeee...

Ateyn Bella said...

@nor : buwekkkk

@hamzah ian : hahahaa, yela tuh.